Andrew Johnson

  • 1992
  • Hardback
  • 352
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  • 9780313281754

Andrew Johnson remains a paradox to those who study the controversial era of the Civil War and Reconstruction. The effort to understand Johnson has produced a tremendous outpouring of works that provide fascinating perspectives on one of our most contradictory chief executives. Many scholars condemn him for his actions; others compare him favorably to other presidents. The resulting body of scholarly writing has been enriched by the debate. This volume provides the first systematic, thorough bibliography on the contradictory mass of material, both primary and secondary, on Johnson. Following a short chronology of Johnson's life, the volume opens with chapters on manuscript and archival resources and the writings of Andrew Johnson. Chapter 3 covers biographical publications, and the next seven chapters cover different periods in his life from childhood to his post-presidential career. The final chapters are devoted to Johnson's associates, his personal life, historiographical materials, and iconography. A separate section covers periodicals, and the work concludes with author and subject indexes.

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