Business customers

How can I buy books as a corporation?
If you’re buying books for a corporation/an organization, you will be able to create a profile as either a private or public corporation. As a corporation you will be able to form an procurement agreement regarding special terms purchases. This may include purchases made for the corporation itself and the employees’/member’s personal purchases. You can read all about our options for corporate customers here.

My workplace or member organization has a procurement agreement. How can I buy books through it?
To buy books through an existing procurement agreement, you will need a user profile containing your workplace’s “corporation code”, which ensures that your purchases are carried out in accordance to the existing agreement. If you are buying books on behave of your corporation/organization you will need a “Business Code”. Does you order concern a special agreement about purchases made by employee/members, you must create a profile as an employee/member. You can read more about our options for corporate customers here.

I would like to order a lot of different books/a large quantity of the same book. What are the bulk order options?
You should always feel free to contact our customer service if you want to make a large order of books for your corporation. We are happy to help check prizes and delivery times before you make any extensive orders. If possible, we are always open to make special agreements regarding the price, and would be delighted to discuss any special requests your corporation might require. You can contact us on (+45) 44 22 38 00, and read about our options for corporate customers here.