Challenging Concepts in Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease in the Young

  • Oxford University Press
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 384
  • English
  • Edition not defined
  • 9780198759447

A comprehensive guide to the assessment, diagnosis, investigation and management of complex clinical scenarios in congenital cardiovascular medicine. Challenging Concepts in Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease in the Young contains a series of challenging concepts in paediatric cardiology covering all subspecialty areas including general paediatric cardiology, intervention, cardiac imaging, electrophysiology, heart failure and cardiomyopathies, cardiac devices,
transplant medicine, epidemiology and foetal cardiology.

Each case provides an in-depth review of current practice, the application of national and international guidelines and a summary of evidence from the medical literature. Data sets, investigation results and cardiac imaging give the reader a 'real-life' sense of being in the outpatient clinic, emergency room, cardiac intensive care unit, cardiac catheterisation laboratory or cardiac operating theatre.

Every description is punctuated by 'Clinical Tips', 'Learning Points' and 'Landmark Trial Summaries' to enhance the learning process alongside an 'Expert Commentary' written by internationally-renowned leaders in the field of paediatric cardiology.

This book will appeal to all those involved in the treatment of congenital patients; Paediatric Cardiology Trainees, Paediatricians with an interest in Cardiology, Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Trainees, Paediatric Cardiology Consultants, ACHD Consultants, Congenital Paediatric Nurses, Congenital Adult Nurses, Cardiac Physiologists and Echocardiographers.

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