(The page was updated on the 29th  of November 2021)


Our stores are open !

All our stores are open. Remember that you must wear a face mask when you visit our stores.

You should be aware that universities are subject to corona restrictions where valid corona passports must be presented. We refer to the information on the universities' website regarding this.


Precautions at Academic Books' stores:

At Academic Books we have 8 physical bookstores at various educational institutions. Every day we sell textbooks, paper articles and other tools to thousands of students, and therefore we also take some precautions to take care of our employees and you.

You must wear a face mask and use hand sanitizer in Academic Books stores. There are stations with hand sanitizer in all stores. Please use hand sanitizer when entering the store and before touching any items. The stores are arranged with one-way traffic as much as possible. You can orientate towards the arrows on the floor in the stores.

When you go to the cash desk with an item that you wish to buy, please turn the item with the barcode upwards. In that way, our employees avoid touching the item.

Our employees are always wearing a visor in the stores. Every store has a sign at the entrance showing how many people are allowed in the store at once.


Please remember to keep a safe distance to each other and our employees.