Curriculum lists

How do I find my curriculum list?
You can find your curriculum lists for the current semester her. You must choose your place of study, your study and the semester in the menu box.
Usually you can expect the curriculum to be on our site no later than 14 days before the start of the semester. If you do not find your curriculum list, it is typically because we have not received anything from your teachers (yet) or possibly that we are processing the information. If you have questions about books for your study, you are always welcome to contact the store that serves your place of study.

I am a lecturer. How do I order books for my student for the next semester?
As a lecturer you can order study books to your courses for the next semester by using the form on On this site You will find an instruction that tells you how to do it.
It's easiest if you make sure you have all the information about the subject / course and the material ready before you begin. It is also an advantage if you log in with a user profile before sending your order, then it will be saved to your profile and you can see it on My page. Your order will be sent to the store that serves the study you are teaching. If you have any comments or questions please contact the store directly.