Dancing with the Dead--A Photographic Memoir

By MCGEE & Rosie
  • TIOLI Press & Bytes
  • 2012
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  • 9780984985203

&quote;The acid is just coming on as I slip through the narrow space between Jerry's amps and find my spot behind him on the stage, far enough to stage right to not block his view of his gear, nor hit him with the sweep of my arms as I dance myself free of my body.&quote;With these words, photographer and Grateful Dead insider Rosie McGee pulls us into her 10-year memoir of living, traveling and working with the Dead and other notables of the legendary Sixties. Over 200 photos, many never seen. Not just for Dead Heads or baby boomers-this book is for anyone seeking a woman's intimate account of the San Francisco rock music community in the Sixties, rare in a field of such books most often written by men. Included are firsthand stories of Autumn Records; The Matrix nightclub; the Acid Tests; Olompali; life in the Haight-Ashbury; the Human Be-In; the Grateful Dead bust at 710 Ashbury; New York, Toronto and Montreal with the Dead and Jefferson Airplane; Monterey Pop; Altamont; the Dead's Europe '72 tour; and encounters with individuals as diverse as Tom Donahue, Phil Spector, Lenny Bruce, Janis Joplin, Owsley Stanley, Timothy Leary, Jesse Colin Young, Julie Christie and others. The list goes on.