Data Analysis with RStudio

  • Springer Spektrum
  • 2020
  • 0
  • DE
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  • 9783662625187

The objective of this text is to introduce RStudio to practitioners and students and enable them to use R in their everyday work. It is not a statistical textbook, the purpose is to transmit the joy of analyzing data with RStudio. Practitioners and students learn how RStudio can be installed and used, they learn to import data, write scripts and save working results. Furthermore, they learn to employ descriptive statistics and create graphics with RStudio. Additionally, it is shown how RStudio can be used to test hypotheses, run an analysis of variance and regressions. To deepen the learned content, tasks are included with the solutions provided at the end of the textbook. This textbook has been recommended and developed for university courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.