Devil's Own Crayons

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  • 2013
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  • 9781626753693

The most famous ceiling on the planet - that of the Sistine Chapel - is bleeding. Oozing through Michelangelo's masterpiece are hidden pictures predicting disasters or miracles. The world's leaders assemble a team of three international experts to uncover what the latest shadow painting is foretelling, and the trio soon uncovers the case of three American girls who can cure or kill with the scribble of a crayon. In an odyssey that challenges their faith, their detective skills and their courage, the three investigators - an FBI agent, a Scottish psychic and a Maronite priest - travel to the United States, to a convent hidden away in the countryside. There they find the three little girls being sheltered by a nun who could herself be the epitome of evil. And behind the abbess is a sinister man and his secret organization, also keeping watch over the ceiling and its revelations.