E-books for download

When you buy an e-book at Academicbooks.dk, the book must either be downloaded (and read via the program Adobe Digital Editions), or read via Vital Source’s website or app.

If you have purchased a book that must be read via Vital Source, you can read more information here. In the following section, you can read more about what to do, if your book must be downloaded.

On tablet and smartphone:
1. Download Adobe Digital Editions Before downloading your eBook, install the free Adobe Digital Editions program (download application in App Store or Google Play). It is important that you install the application before downloading your Ebook. 

2. Authorize your device (login) with Adobe ID to retrieve and read a DRM-protected eBook, you must authorize your device (login) with Adobe ID. This should be done before downloading the DRM-protected eBook, otherwise you may lose your eBook. We recommend that you authorize your device with an Adobe ID, regardless of whether your eBook is DRM-protected or not.

To authorize with Adobe ID:

  • Open 'Adobe Digital Editions' on your smartphone or tablet.   
  • Click the menu in the upper left corner and then select the menu item 'Settings'.  
  • Click 'Authorize' and log in with your (Adobe ID) username and password (eBook Vendor = 'Adobe ID').  
  • If you do not have an Adobe ID, choose 'Create Adobe ID'.   
  • Click 'Enable' to end the authorization.   
  • You are now ready to retrieve and open your eBook. 

NOTE: If you do not authorize your device with an Adobe ID, you may risk that your eBook can NOT be moved to other devices.

3. Take a backup of your eBook We recommend that you save a copy of your eBook in Dropbox, on a USB stick or similar. Then you are secured if you want to move your eBook between devices or if your computer gets stolen or broken. Keep in mind that your link for downloading the eBook should be activated within one month of purchase.

Print and copy of eBooks 
It is the individual publisher who determines to what extent the eBook must be printed. In Adobe Digital Editions you will find the rules of print and copy by right-clicking on the e-book and selecting 'Item info'. In Bluefire Reader you will find the rules of print and copy by clicking on the book and selecting 'Info'.

Adobe DRM and watermarks
Adobe DRM is the copy protection that most publishers use on their e-books. Therefore, you need to create an Adobe ID if you want to be able to read e-books, even if you do not currently use Adobe Digital Editions as a reading program.
An eBook may also be watermarked and not copy protected. Watermarking means that the e-book has a mark that hides on your order number. In this way, the label can be used to identify the seller and buyer in the case of a possible infringement of the Copyright Act. The watermark does not affect the reading and printout of the eBook and you can copy the eBook unlimited to other readers, such as a laptop, mobile phone, iPad, etc. E-books with watermark or no copy protection are therefore more user-friendly than DRM-protected e-books. Whether the eBook is protected by DRM, watermark or has no copy protection, it is copyrighted material that may not be disclosed for use by anyone other than the buyer.