Get Backed, Get Big, Get Bought

  • Capstone
  • 2009
  • 272
  • eng
  • Edition not defined
  • 9781906465605

&quote;Bebo sale to AOL nets founders a 290m fortune in 3 years.&quote; - March 2008 &quote;Foxtons sale nets founder 370m.&quote; - May 2007 &quote;L'Or al buys Body Shop for 652m.&quote; - March 2006 For entrepreneurs and business owners alike, this is your ticket to serious money. Fact 1: Business is all about making money. Fact 2: Personal satisfaction is great, but it doesn't pay the bills. If your main ambition is to make big money from your business, you're already on the right track. Over 4 million people start up businesses in the UK each y ear but only 1% become millionaires. Start with the end in mind and you could be one of them. Colin Barrow, bestselling start-up author and business investment specialist, shows you how to shape up for a sale right from the world go: Get Backed - secure big investment Get Big - create real value and strong growth Get Bought - dress the business and negotiate a killer deal With practical advice, tools and stories from those who have done it, you'll find out how to guide your start-up business towards the payday of your dreams.