Haunted Plano, Texas

By Jacobs & Mary
  • The History Press
  • 2018
  • 224
  • eng
  • Edition not defined
  • 9781439665206

From goat men to witch ladies and spooky little girls, dive into the haunted history of Plano, Texas. Planos old homes and businesses are rife with haunted history. Explore eerie urban legends like the Goat Man, the Clown Threat, and Ranch 111, where devil worshipers performed their rituals. The Evaporating Apparition spooked the staff at the Art Centre Theatre, while the grumpy spirit of an old rancher stalks the Masonic Lodge. Some specters are harmless, such as the Giggling Ghost, a little girl in the Cox Building with a penchant for peanut butter and pranks. Other figures own a more sinister reputation. The Witch Lady of Plano was feared by city youth and monitored by the FBI. Mary Jacobs examines the ghostly fallout of Planos darkest moments, from the smallpox epidemic to the gruesome Muncey family murders.