By Krause & Bernd
  • Springer
  • 2012
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  • DE
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  • 9783642735769

This volume and volume II HECTOR - Basic Projects present the results of HECTOR, the four-year cooperation from 1984-1988 between the University of Karlsruhe and IBM Germany. The HECTOR Project has two major aspects: the first is to explore new ways in university education. The associated projects are presented in this volume. It includes a survey of the objectives of the cooperation project, its organization and the experience of the project management. Experience in student education using data processing equipment and particularly personnel computers is presented, e.g. distribution of software, introduction of standards and coordination of the activities in the different institutes. The second aspect of HECTOR, i.e. research work, results and experiences of the installation of the prototype of a heterogeneous computer network in a university, is presented in volume II.