Hyperbolic Manifolds and Discrete Groups

  • Birkhauser
  • 2009
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  • eng
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  • 9780817649135

The main goal of the book is to present a proof of the following. Thurston's Hyperbolization Theorem (&quote;The Big Monster&quote;). Suppose that M is a compact atoroidal Haken 3-manifold that has zero Euler characteristic. Then the interior of M admits a complete hyperbolic metric of finite volume. This theorem establishes a strong link between the geometry and topology 3 of 3-manifolds and the algebra of discrete subgroups of Isom(JH[ ). It completely changed the landscape of 3-dimensional topology and theory of Kleinian groups. Further, it allowed one to prove things that were beyond the reach of the standard 3-manifold technique as, for example, Smith's conjecture, residual finiteness of the fundamental groups of Haken manifolds, etc. In this book we present a complete proof of the Hyperbolization Theorem in the &quote;generic case.&quote; Initially we planned 1 including a detailed proof in the remaining case of manifolds fibered over as well. However, since Otal's book [Ota96] (which treats the fiber bundle case) became available, only a sketch of the proof in the fibered case will be given here.