Inclusive Innovation for Development

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 116
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  • 9780367670467

Innovation has the potential to address a number of development challenges such as combating poverty and delivering health services, but all too often technological progress has failed to consider the needs of the poor, and has actually served to increase inequalities, rather than sharing out the benefits of new technologies and economic growth. Inclusive Innovation for Development outlines a theory of justice in innovation, arguing that principles of equity, recognition and participation can guide the direction of contemporary innovation systems towards equalising social relations in the production of knowledge and innovation, and meeting the basic needs of the poor.

The book first explores why inclusivity in innovation matters, and how the justice framework can be used to support inclusive innovation. The book then goes on to outline a 'needs-based' approach to innovation and development and explains how its principles can be generated through public action. Finally, it asks how we can effectively evaluate inclusive innovation. Drawing on cases from Africa, Latin America and South Asia, this book theorises innovation and justice in political terms, arguing that inclusive innovation is not just a practical necessity but a moral obligation.

This book's novel approach to innovation for development will be useful for upper-level students and scholars of development studies, politics, and innovation studies, as well as to local, national and international policy-makers and practitioners dealing with international development and inclusive innovation policies and programmes.

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