Irish Westerns Box Set

By Admirand & C.H.
  • CHA Books
  • 2018
  • 962
  • eng
  • Edition not defined
  • 9780989709927

The Marshal's Destiny:Irish-born Margaret Mary Flaherty leaves New York City for Colorado carrying the signed proof her brother needs to keep greedy landowners from stealing his ranch. Joshua Turner, U.S. Marshal, is headed to Colorado to investigate charges of cattle rustling and land fraud. Their paths cross in the middle of enemy territory, where Marshal Turner comes to the aid when Maggie's stagecoach is attacked by hostile Indians. One look at the handsome marshal, and Maggie swears her destiny's calling to her from the depths of his brilliant green eyes. One look at the fiery-haired woman with eyes the color of cornflowers and Joshua wonders if he's finally found the woman who will teach him how to love. The Rancher's Heart: For Fans who have read the first book in the series, THE MARSHALS DESTINY, this is Maggies brothers story. James Ryans peaceful existence turns upside down the night he catches young Mick OToole trying to rustle his cattle. Running from a dark past of his own, Ryan agrees to take the boy and his ailing widowed mother in. Widowed Bridget OTooles life finally changes for the better the night the darkly handsome rancher opens his home and his heart to her and Mick. But her past is just a days ride away from town, on a collision course with Ryans, when her husband returns from the dead, blazing a path of destruction straight toward Bridget, Mick and the new life theyve made in Emerson, Colorado. Pearls Redemption: Pearl Lloyd would do anything to protect her girls. When Davidson Smythe arrives claiming to have purchased her ranch, she takes aim and fires! Davidson Smythe leaves Boston and his brothers suspicious death behind. Sight unseen, he spends his half of the inheritance on a Colorado ranch, only to find it occupied by a battered angel who can shoot like the devil. ';Here is a story that will curl your toes. Strong, believable characters...' Huntress Reviews A Gift From Home: John Reilly is expecting a package from home, light as a feather and twice as sweet. Instead the grown-up version of the girl who used to follow him everywhere arrives. When John Reilly doesnt return to Ireland, Jessi Fahy boards a ship and tracks him down. Hot, tired, and dusty, the realization that John doesnt remember her has Jessi testing Mrs. Reillys secret weapon. With a wicked right cross, big John Reilly goes down like a stone.