The Law of Higher Education

  • Jossey-Bass
  • 2020
  • Elektronisk medie
  • English
  • 6
  • 9781119271949

A single-volume text that distills information for students Based on the sixth edition of Kaplin and Lee’s indispensable guide to the law that bears on the conduct of higher education, The Law of Higher Education, Sixth Edition: Student Version provides an up-to-date reference and guide for coursework in higher education law and programs preparing law students and higher education administrators for leadership roles. This student edition discusses the most significant areas of the law for college and university attorneys and administrators. Each chapter is introduced by a discussion of key terms and topics the students will encounter, and the book includes materials from the full sixth edition that are most relevant to student interests and classroom instruction. It also contains a “crosswalk” that keys sections of the Student Edition to counterpart sections of the two-volume treatise. Complements the full version Includes a glossary of legal terms and an appendix on how to read legal material for students without legal training Discusses key terms in each chapter Concentrates on key topics students will need to know This is fundamental reading for law students preparing for careers in higher education law and for graduate students in higher education administration programs.