Medical Semiology of the Digestive System Part II

  • Academic Press
  • 2020
  • 560
  • eng
  • Edition not defined
  • 9780128220351

Medical Semiology of the Digestive System, Part II provides a comprehensive understanding of medical semiology in the digestive system. Highly illustrated with many original images from the author's daily medical practice, the book highlights all signs of diseases and important semiological maneuvers in the field. Each chapter incorporates a specific questionnaire with important questions that should be asked to patients in different situations to obtain valuable information that helps identify rare and unusual diseases. This unique feature of the book aims to facilitate the learning process among medical students, while also acting as a quick reference guide for clinicians in practice. Contains comprehensive coverage of medical semiology for proper patient diagnosis Presents original, real-world clinical cases that are gleaned from 15 years of the author's medical practice Includes visual and diagnostic aides in the form of original images that present rare, special situation and difficult to find diseases