Order problems

I cannot put a book in the basket
If you get an error message when you try to put a book in the basket or if you cannot see the purchase button, the book cannot be purchased now. It is typical because the book cannot be obtained, and may, for example, be due to the book being sold out of the publisher. There may also be special circumstances about the specific item and you are of course welcome to contact customer service if you have questions about the item's delivery status and order.

I would like to order many copies of the same book - are there enough in stock or will the delivery time be longer? 
If you need a larger number of copies of the same book, we recommend you to contact customer service before ordering so they can provide you with more precise delivery of expected delivery time. If we do not have enough in stock, it may mean a longer delivery time than the one you can see in the web shop.

I cannot process my order
It is usually because there is a field or a selection that is not filled in. Perhaps you have overlooked something or gone back and forth between the box and other pages after you begin to fill in the information - in some cases you must do it again. Try to check all fields that are mandatory (these are marked with an asterisk), and please accept the terms of sale and delivery at the end.

I cannot see the delivery options
Are there delivery options that you cannot see or wonder about those that appear, it's probably due to the combination of items on your order. Are there e-books or gift cards on order with ordinary books, it will affect the delivery options you can choose from. If you have questions or suspected an error, feel free to contact customer service. If you are acting on a business or member agreement with us, there may also be special terms regarding delivery as part of your agreement, which affects the options for choosing delivery form in the checkout.

I do not get a confirmation when I have placed the order- has an error occurred?
Once you have completed the order process and placed your order, you should see a confirmation page where yo are told that your order is completed, and where you can see your order number. If you do not come to this page, a technical error may have occurred. In some cases, the order has been created in our system, even though you cannot see it on my page. If you suspect your order is not registered, contact customer service for help, so we can check if your order has been completed. We would rather be asked one tome too much, so that you will not wait in vain for your books. If you contact us by email, please explain what error you encountered. Please include a screenshot, if possible, and please indicate the time and email address and if you have received an order confirmation.

I have not received an order confirmation - has an error occurred?
It is likely that an error has occurred in the registration of your order if you have not received an order confirmation by mail. You may also have made a typing error when you entered your email address - you may check by looking at the information on your user profile. You should also be able to see your order. If you suspect that the order is not registered correctly, contact customer service for help, so we can check if your order has been made with us.

What do I do if I have received a discount code for a special offer? 
Then you put your items in the basket and go to checkout as normal. Here you will find a field with "Discount Code", and enter the code you received. The discount will then be deducted from your order and you should be able to see it in the "Order Total" field. Be sure to enter the discount code exactly as you have received it (note if capital letters or lowercase letters, numbers etc. and avoid extra spaces). Please note that our discount codes typically have limitations in terms of validity (for example, only for certain items or for a specific period). Discount codes for special offers should not be confused with the so-called "business codes" that are used in connection with profile creation as a contractual customer.

How do I purchase an order using a discount agreement?
If you are purchasing books for a corporate business or a public institution who has a corporate business agreement with us, you must create an account as an attention person. When creating the account, you have to use a business code, so you are sure that you are using the correct account and the terms that are part of your agreement. Are you purchasing books as a private person using the agreement that your workplace or organization have with Academic Books, you have to create an account as employer/member, using the business code. In both cases it is your workplace or organization who have to give you the business code – Academic Books can’t do it. 
Some of our contract customers have the information available on intranet or member pages, but you may need to contact a contact person in your company / organization to get the opportunity to shop using an agreement. 

Can I cancel all or parts of my order?
Once you have placed your order in the web shop, you cannot change the order or cancel it. If you have ordered items that you do not want anyway, you can contact customer service. The cancelation depends on how far the processing of your order is. If the package has already been shipped, you can use your cancellation right and return the goods when you receive them. Note that there is no right of withdrawal when purchasing e-books. 

What happens when I have placed my order in the web shop?
Once you have placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation and your order will be forwarded to our book distributor, which will ensure that your items are packaged and shipped. When your items have been shipped, you will receive a Track & Trace number and an invoice on mail. Both parts can also be viewed on my page. If you have chosen to pick up your order in a store, your order will be processed directly in the store and you will receive an email when your order is ready for pickup. E-books are delivered within 10 minutes on My Page, and you will receive your invoice immediately after.

I have received my order, but why is the order still under "processing" on my page? 
If you received your items and an email with an invoice attached, your order should change the status to "Completed." If there have been errors or problems with registration or processing of your order, then this status may be misleading.

I have not received my books 
If you have ordered books for shipment, you will receive a Track & Trace number on mail with your invoice. You can use this number to track the package in the mail. You can also find the number in your order list on My Page. If your delivery time has elapsed, and if you have not yet received a Track & Trace number, please contact customer service so we can investigate if a problem with your order has occurred.