Product information and inventory

How can I see if it's the correct version of the book I'm ordering?
By clicking on the book, you will find the book page where you will find the detailed information. To the left is a photo of the book, and below you will find the edition together with information about publisher, year, ISBN, etc. You can always identify a specific version of a book by checking the ISBN rather than just the title. The ISBN is a publication's specific ID number, so different versions of the same title will have each ISBN number. Please feel free to contact our costumer service if you have any questions.  

How can I see if the book is in stock in one of the shops?
Every book has its own page with detailed information, as you can see when clicking on the book. On the book’s side you’ll find the stock status On the right side opposite the image of the book. 

The book is sold out from the publisher, can I get it anyway?
Unfortunately, you can not buy the book. We do not have the book in stock, and since it is sold out from the publisher, we cannot order it home. It is possible that the book is available in another (newer or older) edition, which you can order instead. You can try searching the book title in the search box and see if there are other versions.

The website states that the delivery time is "unknown" for the book - what does it mean/ when can the book be ordered again?
This means that we do not have information about when the book can be retrieved from the publisher and therefore it can not be ordered. If you contact Customer Service, they can investigate further and in many cases give you some more information about the status of the book.

How can I see if it's an e-book or a regular book I am ordering?
When you search for the book and when you are at the book’s side, you will see a "e-book" label.

What does it mean when a product is marked “online acces”?
Products marked "online access" are not books or ebooks that you buy your own copy of, but a product or service that you purchase access to use online. You purchase an online access in the same way as ordering a book, by placing it in the basket and completing the ordering process - online items are paid by credit card, like e-books. In the description of the individual online products, you can read more about exactly how your access to the product is given (typically you will receive an email with login information or an activation link that gives you access to use the product). 

What is “STUDY PRICE” and how do I use it?
It is our very low price for you buying books for your study, which gives you a significant saving on the books you need without the need to show student ID or other evidence to get a good price. When you shop with us as a student, it is always for the STUDY PRICE. We always have STUDY PRICE on the books on our curriculum lists, which we do in collaboration with the teachers at the educational sites, and we constantly work to set prices that are competitive and among the best prices in the Danish study book market.

What is an ISBN number and how do I find it?
A book's ISBN is its unique ID. The ISBN is a 13-digit number that can be used to identify an edition. This means that if a title has been published in several editions over the years, each edition has its own number. If you need a specific edition of a book, for example, because it is a curriculum for your study, the safest way to find it is to search for ISBN in the search box rather than the book's title. At you will find ISBNs on the product pages, in the list of search results and on our curriculum lists. You can also find an ISBN number at the publisher who published the book and often also through a search on Google. Many teachers also indicate an ISBN when they make curriculum lists for students. If the book is published both as a regular book and e-book, each of these editions usually also has its own ISBN number. If you are in doubt about the ISBN, edition or format of the books you need, please feel free to contact customer service before ordering.