Square Haunting

  • Tim Duggan Books
  • 2020
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  • eng
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  • 9780451497819

A NEW YORK TIMES EDITORS' CHOICE *; ';A beautiful and deeply moving book.'Sally Rooney, author ofNormal PeopleAn engrossing group portrait of five women writers, including Virginia Woolf, who moved to London's Mecklenburgh Square in search of new freedom in their lives and work. ';I like this London life . . . the street-sauntering and square-haunting.'Virginia Woolf, diary, 1925 In the early twentieth century, Mecklenburgh Squarea hidden architectural gem in the heart of Londonwas a radical address. On the outskirts of Bloomsbury known for the eponymous group who ';lived in squares, painted in circles, and loved in triangles,' the square was home to students, struggling artists, and revolutionaries. In the pivotal era between the two world wars, the lives of five remarkable women intertwined at this one address: modernist poetH. D., detective novelist Dorothy L. Sayers, classicist Jane Harrison, economic historian Eileen Power, and author and publisher Virginia Woolf. In an era when women's freedoms were fast expanding, they each sought a space where they could live, love, andabove allwork independently. With sparkling insight and a novelistic style, Francesca Wade sheds new light on a group of artists and thinkers whose pioneering work would enrich the possibilities of women's lives for generations to come.Praise for Square Haunting';A fascinating voyage through the lives of five remarkable women . . . moving and immersive.'Edmund Gordon, author ofThe Invention of Angela Carter: A Biography';Elegant, erudite, and absorbing,Square Hauntingis a startlingly original debut, and Francesca Wade is an author to watch.'Frances Wilson, author ofGuilty Thing: A Life of Thomas De Quincey';Outstanding . . . I'll be recommending this all year.'Sarah Bakewell, author ofAt the Existentialist Cafe';Imuch enjoyedFrancesca Wade's book. It almost made me wish I belonged to the pioneering generation of women spoiling eggs on the gas ring and breaking taboos.'Sue Prideaux, author ofI Am Dynamite! A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche