Statutory Interpretation

  • LEG Inc. (dba West Academic Publishing
  • 2016
  • Paperback
  • 567
  • No language defined
  • 2
  • 9781634605199

This book is for instructors of Statutory Interpretation and related courses who want to introduce practical lawyering skills into the doctrinal curriculum. It is also comparatively inexpensive for students. Much like any law school case book, Statutory Interpretation: A Practical Lawyering Course covers the leading cases; but it also offers much more. For example, it includes:

legislative negotiation and drafting exercises to give students practical experience and a deeper understanding of the complexities of the legislative process;
lawyers' briefs and case documents to help students understand how cases and arguments are put together;
case files and brief-writing exercises to teach students to craft arguments based on their doctrinal studies;
problems that require students to problem-solve, prompting them to think strategically;
a mix of heavily-edited, lightly-edited, and unedited cases to help students prepare to work
issues and questions for students to focus on as they read cases and other materials.

Finally, the author provides an extensive teachers' manual offering step-by-step guidance for how to best make use of the book's innovative materials.

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