Support your student life with 10.000 kr.



If you dream about making a difference to your study environment, you now have the opportunity. In this contest, you can win 10,000 kr. to an app, a sandwich bar, a magazine, a news channel or any other good idea that will improve your study environment.

To participate you must fill out an application form, attach a picture (maybe of your team, an illustration of the idea or a logo) and send it to Then you will be a part of the pool to become one of the finalists who are fighting for the wonderful 10,000 kr.

Academic Books select the finalists, but afterwards it is you, your mother, your fellow students, your neighbour and everyone else who chooses the best project through a poll on our website.

Academic Books is your academic bookstore with several stores in Copenhagen and a webshop where you cand find millions of books and e-books. We are non-profit, which means that we are improving the study environment on further and higher educations, and that our profit affects the prices on your textbooks and sets the lowest prices.