Vane Pursuit

  • Road
  • 2012
  • 185
  • eng
  • Edition not defined
  • 9781453277492

Antique weather vanes point Peter and Helen Shandy toward a gang of thieves in a mystery that's ';the ultimate escapism . . . utterly hilarious' (Publishers Weekly).The weather vanes of the famous craftsman Praxiteles Lumpkin are one of the great cultural treasures of rural Massachusetts. Helen Shandy, librarian at Balaclava Agricultural College, is roaming the countryside, camera in hand, capturing images of these lovely copper sculptures, trying to give them the attention they deserve. But each time she takes a picture, the featured vane vanishes. Could there be a gang of breezy-minded burglars on her tail?The night after Helen photographs the vane atop the famous Lumpkin soap works, the building burns to the ground. With the help of her husband, Peter, she tries to track the thieves-turned-arsonists. But when the things take a dangerous turn, Helen doesn't need a weather vane to see that a deadly wind is blowing.