We support student-projects

Støtte til projekter

Academic Books is a nonprofit organization created by, to and for the students. Therefore, some of our profits go to projects that make it easier, funnier or more academically inspiring for you to be a student. When you buy your books with us, you support your study environment.

We support the study environment and the students who want to improve it. We do this in three ways:

  1. By sending us an email (marketing@academicbooks.dk) for projects of less than 5000 kr.
  2. Participate in SUPPORT YOUR STUDY LIFE, where we donate DKK 10,000 twice a year to a project that improves the academic environment professionally or socially. 
  3. Through the SL fund we are a part of. Here you can apply for support of 5000 DKK. Your application will be assessed by our board where the chairman is a student.


Earlier we supported:

  • Juridisk Forenings bingo
  • HumMessen på RUC 
  • Cafe Kommunen 
  • Studenterrådet på RUC 
  • VMF gallafest 
  • Studenterkonferencen SAMS 
  • ISUP // Internationale studerende på CBS
  • Metropol Mesterskaberne
  • CBS Sport