Who are we?

Academic Books is a part of the nonprofit business owner fund SL Fonden. SL Fonden was founded by students in 1967. Today, the fund consists of several bookstores and the publishing company Samfundslitteratur, and even after that many years we still have the same purpose: To make knowledge available to students through cheap curriculum books.

The union’s history begins in 1967 when a group of students founded a bookstore on what is today CBS with the idea of ​​making knowledge more accessible to students - an idea that is today the fund's mission. Since then, seven bookstores started, distributed among the educational institutions in Copenhagen and Roskilde.

Most of the fund’s board of directors are students or former students who are representing the student’s interests and ensures that the fund's purpose is met.


Academic Books is first and foremost a bookstore for students. That is why we always give at least a 10% discount on all syllabus literature. The discount has already been deducted and is shown on each product on the website.