Terms and conditions

Here you find the general terms and conditions that apply to academicbooks.dk. When you shop at academicbooks.dk your acceptance of these terms and conditions are required.

Company details

Academic Books is part of SL Fonden (the SL Fund), which is a corporate foundation. SL Fonden runs the webshop at academicbooks.dk, the bookstores, and a number of academic publishers.


Academic Books/ SL Fonden
Rosenørns Allé 9
DK-1970 Frederiksberg C
CVR/ VAT number: 27 48 51 11
Phone number (Administration): +45 44 22 38 90
Email (general contact): academicbooks@academicbooks.dk


Registration of user profile and customer information

When you create a user profile and complete a purchase at academicbooks.dk we register the information you supply in our user database and ERP system. Registration of this information is necessary in order for you to be able to log in and shop at academicbooks.dk and for us to be able to process your order.

The information you supply is only used by SL Fonden/ Academic Books in accordance with Danish law and the purpose for which it has been supplied, or on our behalf by external technical partners and vendors who store and process data on behalf of SL Fonden/ Academic Books. Vendors who perform such tasks are associated with SL Fonden/ Academic Books by contract and are required to handle data in a sensible, responsible, and safe manner. Academic Books do not pass on or sell personal data to third parties.

Customer and order information is saved in Academic Books’ systems for a period of five years as required by Danish accounting laws. When you create a user profile, shop at academicbooks.dk, and accept the current Terms and Conditions you also accept Academic Books’ registration and processing of the personal data you supply along with your order information.

When you use academicbooks.dk you also accept the use of cookies, which are necessary in order for the webshop to function properly. 


Deletion of user profile 
Your user profile can be deleted by Customer Services if you contact us directly. When your user profile is deleted, you will no longer have access to your order history (this includes Track & Trace numbers and invoices), your list of purchased books and download links for e-books, submitted messages, newsletter subscription edit options, or any other functionality or content connected to the user profile. Deletion of a user profile cannot be reversed, and we are not able to retrieve a user profile or its connected information or content lists. 

We reserve the right to block or delete a user profile when necessary due to technical error, in order to resolve a specific issue or in cases where unauthorized use or misuse of a user profile, email address, or other information belonging to another person or company are suspected.

User profiles connected to a customized shopping agreement with a company or organization can be blocked or deleted in agreement with the contractual partner. Please note, that even though a user profile is deleted from the webshop and non-retrievable as such, basic customer and order information will be saved in Academic Books’ systems for accounting purposes.

Product prices
Product prices at academicbooks.dk are shown as current sales prices incl. 25% VAT and incl. any campaign or other special discounts currently offered on a product.

Some products are available for purchase at STUDENT PRICE, which is lower than the ordinary sales price. It is primarily curriculum books that are available at STUDENT PRICE. When a product is available at STUDENT PRICE it is shown next to the ordinary price. 

Companies (private or public businesses) and membership organizations can enter into a customized shopping agreement with favorable terms for book purchases at academicbooks.dk. The specific terms are stated in the agreement contract with the business customer. 

Special offers and discounts can be made available to customers via coupon codes. When making use of such an offer or discount the specific price reduction will not be applied to the order amount until the checkout step. Coupon codes are usually subject to restrictions regarding their application, which will be supplied with the coupon code when distributed to the customer. 

We are unaccountable for any errors in production information, and we reserve the right to change prices without preceding notification.


Payment by debit or credit card
Payment through the webshop is done by debit or credit card when shopping as a student, a private customer, and private and public companies. When you pay with a debit or with a credit card you will not be charged until your order is shipped or picked up from one of the stores. When choosing an external collection point (Kolding, Sønderborg, Slagelse, Esbjerg), the customer accepts the transaction of the money from the chosen means of payment when the order is transferred to the selected collection point

The following cards are accepted in the webshop: Dankort, VISA/ Dankort, VISA, VISA Elektron, Mastercard/ Eurocard and JCB.

Payment of ”pick-up in store” orders
Payment of orders to be picked up in one of Academic Books’ stores is done by debit or credit card in the webshop when the order is placed. The order amount will not be charged to your card until the order process is completed and you have picked up your books from the store. “Pick-up in store” as a form of delivery for your order is free of charge, however, the online card payment is subject to the same fees as other card transactions in the webshop. 

Payment with a gift certificate
It is not possible to pay with a gift certificate at academicbooks.dk. Gift certificates can only be used directly in the Academic Books stores.

Payment by invoice
Business customers (private companies or public institutions) can choose to pay by invoice. 

For public institutions invoicing will always be electronic at it is mandatory to supply an EAN-number when creating a user profile as a public business customer at academicbooks.dk. 

For private businesses, it is optional to supply an EAN-number. If one is supplied when creating a user profile as a private business customer at academicbook.dk, the invoicing will automatically be electronic to the supplied number whenever an invoice is chosen as the type of payment for an order.

Order confirmation and invoice (receipt for a purchase)
When you shop at academicbooks.dk you receive an order confirmation on email immediately after you have placed your order. You can also find your orders on My page in the webshop when you are logged in with your user profile. 

When your order is processed by us, and the products have been shipped you will receive an email with your invoice. The invoice is also the receipt for your purchase, and you will need this in case of returns or complaints. 

If the order is already paid for by card in the webshop, the invoice will state so. If payment by invoice was chosen as the type of payment for the order the invoice will state the specific payment terms. 

If electronic invoicing is applied by use of the EAN-number supplied for the user profile the invoice emailed to you will state so. The email with your invoice will also provide a Track & Trace number if you have ordered products for delivery. In cases where it is not possible to deliver all products at the same time, you will receive an invoice and a Track & Trace number for each part of the delivery. You will also be able to retrieve both invoices and Track & Trace numbers from the list of your orders on My page in the webshop. 

For business customers with a shopping agreement, certain customized conditions and processes regarding invoicing and payment may be specified in the agreement between the customer and Academic Books. This can for example include that invoices for all purchases under the agreement are sent to a finance department at the customer. Such customizations may result in variations of the process described above. If customizations in a business agreement influence the individual user’s options when placing an order, this will be reflected in checkout when shopping with a user profile connected to the business agreement. 

Delivery and pick-up
Delivery of printed books

You can have your purchased books sent to you or pick them up in one of our bookstores without shipping costs. You select the delivery method when you place your order. You have the following options to choose from:

  • Pick-up in store - collect your order in one of our bookstores and save the cost of delivery.
  • Bring - have your package delivered to one of their pick-up shops or drop boxes.
  • Postens Privatpakker (Danish postal service for private customers) - have your books delivered to your home address.
  • Postens Erhvervspakker (Danish postal service for businesses) - have your books delivered to a company address, e.g., your workplace.

Delivery with Postens Erhverspakker is only possible if a CVR number has been registered at the address.
For delivery with Bring, the following applies: If you choose a delivery address other than the billing address and there is no space in the parcel box, the order will be delivered in a Bring parcel box near your billing address.

Shipment of your order is done at the current rates for delivery available from academicbooks.dk. The price of the chosen method of delivery for a specific order will be clearly marked in checkout when placing an order and in the order confirmation and invoice.

For business customers with a shopping agreement, certain customizations regarding delivery methods and prices may be specified in the agreement between the customer and Academic Books. Such customizations will be reflected in the individual user’s options in checkout when shopping with a user profile connected to the business agreement. 

The expected time of delivery for each book is displayed on the website. If a book cannot be obtained, Academic Books reserves the right to cancel your order.

The estimated delivery dates are counted in working days (that is excl. weekends and public holidays) and apply to all orders regardless of the chosen method of delivery. If a book is not yet published the estimated time of delivery is calculated from the publication date. The delivery dates should be considered as estimations, and we generally work towards delivering your products as quickly as possible.

If you have ordered pickup to one of our stores, your order must be picked up within 5 working days, please contact the store if you want to pick up later.

We make reservations regarding errors in information about product availability or expected delivery dates, technical issues, and force majeure which may result in delayed delivery of your products. Whenever we become aware of such conditions regarding your order, we will contact you via email or by phone.
 If you have not received your goods within three months, we can without further information choose to cancel your order if no agreement has been made to pick up / delivery later.

Partial delivery
When you order products for delivery, we will usually attempt to ship all products in one package. If we are unable to do so, we will dispatch them as partial deliveries without additional shipping costs for you. 

E-book delivery
E-books are delivered as a link from where you can download the book you have purchased. You should receive the link on My Page immediately after your order process is completed. It may take up to 30 minutes before you receive an e-mail and can access the link to the download through My Page. E-book download links must be activated within one month from the purchase date and each link can only be used once. 

Please note that e-books are protected by digital rights management (DRM).

If your book is to be read through VitalSource, we recommend that you create a profile or use an existing profile on Vital Source. Access to a VitalSource e-book via a web browser is limited to 365 days, but if you download the app (thus, downloading the e-book through the app), it will have a longer duration. The longest duration can be infinite (meaning, you own it forever), which is most common. However, you can also rent some e-books for shorter periods, e.g., 180 days (corresponding to approx. 6 months).

Delivery of gift certificates
Gift certificates are sent to you in an ordinary letter with Post Danmark without any shipping costs and separately from other products you may have purchased with the same order. You will not receive a Track & Trace number for shipments containing gift certificates. 

Delivery of access to an online service/ product
In the webshop, you can buy products that provide access to an online service or product. Information on how to access the service/ product will be sent to you via email, either by Academic Books or by the supplier of the product/ service. Information about the process for a specific online access is available on the product page in the webshop.

International shipment

It is not possible to place an order for delivery to an address outside of Denmark through the webshop. If you wish to order products for international shipment, please send your request to Customer Services via email to academicbooks@academicbooks.dk or contact Customer Services by phone if you have questions about international shipment.

We recommend that you consider certain tax rules that apply to deliveries outside Denmark:

Corporate businesses within the EU: A VAT registered company will not be charged with VAT if the following apply: 1) The commodity is physically transported to another EU country; 2) the EU VAT number of the buyer is registered in another EU country than Denmark and must appear on the invoice. If one of these conditions is not fulfilled, the buyer will be charged with Danish VAT. Thus, it is always necessary that the commodity leaves Denmark and that the EU VAT number of the buyer appears on the invoice. Private consumers within the EU: Danish VAT (25%) will be charged.

Corporate businesses and private consumers outside the EU: Danish VAT will not be charged. Please note: For deliveries outside the EU, the recipient's national customs service may charge duty and add local VAT to the order. Academic Books is not responsible for national customs service duty or local VAT. Sometimes the customs service charges the amount from the carrier, who then charges the amount from the recipient of the order.

Returns – printed books

You can regret your purchase from academicbooks.dk within 14 days from when you received the books. You need to notify Customer Services of a return within these 14 days and then send the books you wish to return to our return address. Please note that the cost of returning a product is non-refundable.

The order payment will be refunded to you within 14 days from when your return notification reaches Customer Services.

In cases where we receive the returned products earlier or documentation that the products have actually been sent to us (e.g., a receipt from the postal services) we will refund the payment immediately following this. Documentation for sending us your products can be emailed to academicbooks@academicbooks.dk – again please remember to include order number and specify returned products.

You are responsible for the products you are returning until we have received them in Customer Services. This means that you will need to cover any costs should the products be damaged or lost in transit. The costs of sending us the products are non-refundable.   

If the reason for return is that you have received a wrong or damaged item from us, we will send a return label

As an alternative to returning products purchased from academicbooks.dk via Customer Services you have the option of returning them in one of our bookstores. If you wish to do so, bring the books and the invoice you have received via email to one of the stores.  

If you refuse to receive the item or do not pick up the item within the pick-up deadline (which is 7 days), we will deduct the cost of the return shipment (DKK 25) from the amount you receive a refund.
Please note: At the return of part of a book bundle, the collective discount will no longer apply.

About the condition of the products you are returning
When you make use of your right to regret a purchase from academicbooks.dk and wish to return the books, please note that in order to receive a full refund the books need to be in the same condition as when you received them, meaning that they should be in a normal condition for new books and as such possible for us to sell again to another customer.

If the books you return carry signs of use or are damaged in any way, we will make a case-by-case assessment of the value of each product with regards to being able to sell it again at full price.

Based on this assessment we will decide if your refund will be 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, or 0% of the original order payment for the product.

Examples of signs of use or damages which could result in a reduction of the product value are folded page corners, marks on the cover, a broken back (from e.g., folding the book backward as when taking photocopies), bent or torn cover or pages, or writing in the book. 

Should the book be in a condition which we assess makes the product unsellable even at a reduced price, e.g., if you have written in the book, you will not be able to get a full or reduced refund for the product.

Returns – e-books and access to online services
When you buy an e-book or access an online service from academicbooks.dk, you deny the right of cancellation. Should the product be defective in some way, please feel free to contact us.

Returns – books bought in one of our bookstores

Printed books purchased from one of our bookstores can be returned within 14 days, and within the first 5 working days, you can get your money back. To return a store purchase, bring the books and receipt to the store. 

You can complain about a product you have bought within two years of the purchase. You can complain by contacting customer service by phone or e-mail or by showing up in person at one of our stores. In that case, please have your order number ready.
Here you will find contact information for customer service and here you will find the addresses and opening hours of the stores.


If you want to file a complaint about a purchase, please contact our Customer Service academicbooks@academicbooks.dk or contact a member of our staff in one of our stores. If we fail to find a solution, you can submit a complaint via www.forbrug.dk to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority's Center for Complaint Resolution. You can also use the EU Commission's online complaints portal, which will mainly be relevant if you are a consumer residing outside Denmark. You can find the portal here: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Legal conditions and responsibility 

When shopping at academicbooks.dk common Danish legal conditions regarding sales and purchase of consumer goods and contractual conditions applies. This means that as a consumer you are protected by the Danish legislation in this area, primarily The Danish Sales of Goods Act (in Danish) and The Danish Consumer Protection Act (in Danish).

Academic Books cannot be held responsible for anything other than what is required under Danish law. Any disputes between Academic Books and a corporate business will be determined by the Danish court of law.