Corporate businesses

Purchase books as a private or public business
Our web shop contains a large variety of Danish and foreign titles – especially when it comes to relevant categories concerning continuing education about e.g. law, economics, organizational development, HR and much more.
If the book you’re looking for not is in stock, we would be happy to acquire it for you if possible.
If you wish to buy books at as a corporate customer, you can create a profile as a private or public corporation and start placing your order(s) immediately. Create a profile as a private or public corporation.

Buying books through an existing corporate agreement (employee/member)
If your organization already have an agreement with Academic Books concerning special terms purchases, you can place orders by using a “Business code” by creating a profile as an employee/member.
The code will allow you to place orders in accordance to your corporation’s purchase agreement. We will not be able to give you the code – you must get it from your workplace/organization.

Interested in a corporate or employee/member purchase at Academic Books?
If your corporation often buys books or if you need to place a large order for a specific title, it might be beneficial for you to enter into an agreement for corporate customers with Academic Books. Please notice that we only give discounts to corporations that places orders worth more than 50.000 DKK on an annual basis.
With a corporate agreement at Academic Books you will get favourable prices and multiple options for adjustments suiting your specific needs regarding credit, invoicing, and personal logins for your employees.

Please contact us here if you want to know more
Should you be interested in talking about the possibilities regarding a corporate or employee/member agreement, please contact us at
If you have general questions regarding orders at, you might be able to find your answer in the FAQ. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact our customer service.