Textual analysis. Bodil Helder.  9788759320174

Textual analysis

an approach to analysing professional texts
Bodil Helder

Compared with the first edition of the book, the main alterations in this 2nd edition are that some of the aspects included in other chapters in the 2011 edition are now presented in individual chapters. Thus, speech acts, text functions and syntax are now accounted for in separate chapters, with the result that, instead of 10 chapters, the book now contains 12 chapters. Furthermore and partly as a consequence of the increased number of chapters, the presentation of some of the aspects has been extended to include more details and sometimes also precision in relation to the 2011 edition. For example, the notions of move structure, coherence/cohesion and syntax have been elaborated on. Also, the introduction to some of the issues has been moved from one chapter in the 2011 edition to another in this edition.   
Finally, the 2015 edition includes a text from Danske Bank. The intention is that it may be used for analysis after each chapter, where a number of questions to the text will be found.

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  • Forlag: Samfundslitteratur
  • Udgivet: 2015
  • Sider: 279
  • Sprog: Andre
  • Udgave: 2
  • ISBN: 9788759320174

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