University teaching and learning. Gitte Holten Ingerslev. Peter Stray Jørgensen. Jens Dolin. Redaktør Lotte Rienecker.  9788759319604

University teaching and learning

Gitte Holten Ingerslev
Peter Stray Jørgensen
Jens Dolin
Redaktør Lotte Rienecker

University Teaching and Learning&nbspis based on the notion that good teaching is focused on student learning. Therefore, the central topic of this book is learning activities, both in and between teaching sessions. The book includes experience- and research-based suggestions for how to plan, conduct, evaluate and develop teaching within the framework provided by the university and research, whether this be traditional lectures and supervision tasks case- and project work, or e-learning. The book furthermore equips the individual teacher with tools to reflect the theoretical foundation of his or her teaching.&nbsp

University Teaching and Learning&nbspis written with university teacher training and other introductions to university teaching and learning in mind. In addition to new lecturers, the book is also aimed at the seasoned lecturer looking for inspiration for his or her own, the team s or department s teaching.&nbsp

University Teaching and Learning&nbspis co-authored by a number of lecturers, developers and researchers affiliated with the Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education.
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  • Forlag: Samfundslitteratur
  • Udgivet: 2015
  • Sider: 496
  • Sprog: Andre
  • Udgave: 1
  • ISBN: 9788759319604

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